Updated: 4/16/2019
Diane Tomasevich
Bonney Lake, WA
Welcome to Lúdico Havanese!
Sophie (left), Baxter (center) and Mia (right)
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Breeding Update:

  • Nina delivered 4 girls this morning, April 15th! Come follow us on Facebook and watch us grow. You can also get updates on my website.

  • Ellie Mae had preliminary hips and elbows tested.  She passed her hips with good and elbows were normal. Ellie Mae will also be bred to Nino on her next cycle which should be in the next few months.

My wait list is about a year long. I have a number of people who have waited for awhile and some who have gotten puppies from other breeders who haven't notified me yet. I find out when I call them.I am removing people as I call them and don't hear a response back. Hopefully it won't be that long but it could be.

If you don't want to wait for a puppy, please take the time to find a breeder you are comfortable with. It is easy to fall in love with a puppy but you need a breeder to stand by them. Shop for a breeder, not for a puppy. I am expecting a lot of backyard breeders, commercial breeders, and puppy mills to start producing a lot of Havanese puppies. You may be asking why. A Havanese went Reserve Best In Show at Westminster in February 2019. Many of the local breeders, including myself, have seen an increase in the normal requests for puppies. Please visit potential breeders and make sure they health test. Results can be found at ofa.org. If you have the name of the parents you can look up their results. My dogs have links to all their health testing. You can find them under each dog in my girls and my boys.  I wish you the best in finding the right puppy!