After having a few litters, I took some time and look back at what worked well in 
bringing puppies into this world and what I would change based on my lessons learned to give 
them a better start in life. I've done a lot of research and believe I have found a good balance 
for them. I use Avidog methods and am a platinum member.  Here's what you can expect with
puppy development when you get a puppy from Lúdico Havanese: 

  • Weeks 0-2 - Super Dog Program - Starting at 3 days of age, your puppy will receive “Early Neurological Stimulation” exercises. This helps stimulate your puppy at an early age by giving them appropriate stresses for their age. Puppies participate in these exercises from day 3 to day 16 of their life. Exercises will help improve heart rate, help create stronger heart beats and adrenal glands, provide more tolerance to stress and a greater resistance to disease. These puppies are high achievers and more active and exploratory than puppies that were not stimulated in the research.

  • Weeks 3-5 - Starting around 3-1/2 weeks of age, the puppies are moved to the main living area of my home where they are introduced to the older dogs, new sounds, smells and lots of new situations and toys.  I introduce the puppies to numerous situations so that they are learning how to react to being startled. When they are moved downstairs, they will also begin their potty training. Small dogs can move about 1/2 foot per week of age. Their 'potty box' starts out close to them and is moved 1/2 foot each week until they are able to go outside. Puppies begin their weaning at 4 weeks of age. I wean to raw food first and by the 5th week, they are introduced to dry food. I let mom nurse the puppies until they go to their forever homes. 

  • Weeks 5-6 - I introduce the puppies to 'following'. The puppies start going on 'walks' around the yard learning to follow. When the puppies start dry food, I introduce clickers. Click/treat, click/treat. This helps them for future training. The puppies will be introduced to car rides between 5 and 5-1/2 weeks of age. They will start out as sitting in the car with engine running to going around the block. Rides will get longer as they grow. 

  • Weeks 6-12 - My focus is on social teaching and helping puppies learn to understand corrections. Mom will do that but I will augment it as well. My goal is to introduce 100 people to the puppies from the time they are moved downstairs until they leave for their new homes. I will also introduce another breed of dog to the puppies so that they know that dogs are more than just 'Havanese'. 

Your puppy will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). If your puppy will be a companion, he/she will have a AKC limited registration.

Health Care - You are responsible for ensuring that your puppy gets the best health care throughout his or her life. You agree to have your new puppy thoroughly examined within the first 3 working days of returning home as a baseline and on a continual basis to compare back to. Should your puppy show up with a major genetic defect that the sire and dam have been screened against it is your responsibility to contact the breeder as soon as possible to discuss your options. You have the choice of returning your puppy for another one or returning your puppy for a refund minus the non-refundable deposit. I will not assume any veterinary costs that you incur with your puppy nor will I be held responsible for any illnesses that occur to your puppy based on environment and any neglect on your part. As a dedicated Havanese dog breeder I want nothing but the best for you and your new puppy. Once your puppy goes home with you, you become the puppies responsible owner. I will be here for you during the life of your puppy.

Shipping - I do not ship puppies. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be for a 3-5 pound puppy sitting in a dark crate in the bottom of an airplane? There is no need to traumatize these little puppies! You must be willing to travel to come get your puppy or make arrangements for me to deliver your puppy to you. If you need to fly, they are better off with you nearby in an airline approved carrier stowed under the seat in front of you! 

Bringing Your New Puppy Home - In preparation for your puppy, I will provide you with a recommended list of supplies so you can prepare before you take your puppy home. Puppies are typically available to go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age. Sometimes a puppy may need a little more confidence so it could be a little longer. You will be provided with copies of the puppies pedigree.

Your new puppy will have had a health check from my vet. They will have had their first vaccination (DHPP) and will need two more vaccinations once you take them home. I do recommend having a titer in lieu of future vaccinations. A titer checks their antibody level to determine if they are protected or not. Their hearing (BAER) and eye (CERF) testing will be completed and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Health certificates will be mailed directly to new owners.

To ease the transition to your home, a bag of puppy food that your puppy has been weaned to will be provided. Their favorite toy and a blanket with their mom's and siblings scent will be provided to help your new puppy through his or her transition to their new home.  
Guarantee - Your puppy is health guaranteed against the main defects (eyes, ears, hips and patella's) for the 2-1/2 year of your puppy's life. Your puppy’s parents were both thoroughly health-screened for the diseases that the Havanese breed is most susceptible to. At minimum, they have been screened for their eyes (CERF), ears (BAER), hips and elbows, patella's (knees), and cardiac and received a full blood panel check.  

If for any reason you decide that you are unable to continue ownership responsibility for your dog, I will take the dog back, no questions asked. It is important that no dog goes unloved or to any home that will not provide his or her needs. Only a responsible breeder follows their puppies throughout their lifetime! 

​Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes between 10 and 12 weeks of age, depending on the confidence level of the puppy.
Updated: 1/26/2021
Diane Tomasevich
Pasco, WA
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