Updated: 9/9/2021
Diane Tomasevich
Pasco, WA
My Girls
AKC Ch Isabella's Mia (retired)

Jennifer Haugland, Breeder, Hurricane Ridge 
Whelped June 28, 2007
Height - 9 1/2"
Weight - 10 lbs 8oz
Mia's Health Records

Mia finished her championship with all majors. She is now retired and living the good life of ruling our roost. Mia loves to play with kids and will play with them all day. When she does get tired and someone is bugging her, whether her people or other dogs, she gives them a little growl to let them know they better get inline. Mia also loves her tummy rubs. When she wants one, she will roll over on her back and lets you know she wants her tummy rubbed. She is quite opinionated and will definitely let me know that she wants something. 

Ludico Ring Of Fire (retired)
AKC pointed​

Whelped March 7, 2012
Height - 9-1/2"
Weight - 9 lbs 7 oz
Shasta's Health Records

I call Shasta the mouth from the south. She loves to watch TV and she barks at dogs, cats, cartoons, anything with other animals. She can't be in the room when you watch the Hallmark channel! She loves to take toys apart and may just hold the world record. There isn't a toy she can't take apart! Shasta was shown in AKC and minored out with points. She went Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed in Albany, Oregon in early 2013 under Judge Barbara Keenan.  Shasta produced one litter for us which was very lovely. I decided to go breed more to Cuban in type so I placed her with a good friend.
IABCA Nat'l & Int'l Sr. Puppy Ch
Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me (retired)

Whelped November 29, 2013
Height - 10-1/4"
Weight - 12 lbs
Health Records

Sophie is my 1/2 Cuban girl out of Mia x Baxter. She has a thick coat with nice structure. She definitely did not like to show in the ring. She earned her IABCA Int'l & National Puppy Championship at the age of 10 months. She took 4 Best Puppy in Breed and a Puppy Group 2 under Judge Mary Strom-Bernard. She said Sophie was "a very nice representation of the breed". 
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IABCA Int'l Ch Peluito's Fat Bottom Girl, aka Queen
Whelped March 29, 2017
Height - 9"
Weight - 11 lbs
Health Records

I am very excited to add Queen to my breeding program. She is from Peluito Havanese located in Minnesota. Arlene Etzig, her breeder, has some beautiful dogs with a long line of heath testing behind them. Queenie's sire is Multiple Best in Show, Multiple Best in Specialty Show, Grand Champion Platinum (the highest level you can achieve) Peluito's Papi Chulo (aka Papi). Her dam is the lovely Peluito's Ritmo Tambo Y Flores (aka Risa).  
La Niña (Abreu) (Retired)
Whelped January 25, 2017
Height - 9"
Weight - 8 lbs
Niña's health records

I love Cuban dogs! After all, Havanese are the national dog of Cuba. I was so pleased with El Niño that I decided to bring in another Cuban. This time I imported a girl. Niña is petite in size. She is 8 lbs and 9" tall.

Niña came to the states in August 2017 at the age of 7 months. She has a beautiful coat, lovely tail carriage, a beautiful head, and is a big love bug. She is a true lap dog. Nothing makes her happier than being held or laying on her back and getting tummy rubs. She also loves to give kisses. She lets me know if there is anything she hears that I need to be aware of. She is one of those 'rare' Havanese who don't mind getting wet!
AKC GCH CH and IABCA Int'l & National Sr. Puppy Ch
Ludico Who's That Girl, aka Marlo (retired)
Whelped July 23, 2017
Height - 9"
Weight - 10 lbs
Marlo's health records

Marlo is my 3rd generation from Mia. Her parent are IABCA Ch Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me (aka Sophie) and AKC Ch Peluito's Clowning Around at Court Jester (aka Fremont) from Peluito Havanese.  

Marlo loves people and has a way of squirming her way into your lap. She loves to walk on her hind legs and jumps up and down like a pogo stick.  She has a mind of her own but is very lovable.
IABCA Int'l & National Sr. Puppy Ch
Ludico I'm Gotta Way With Critters, aka Ellie Mae (retired)
Whelped July 23, 2017
Height - 9-1/2"
Weight - 12 lbs
Ellie Mae's health records

Ellie Mae is co-owned with my friend Dolly Neumann. Her parents are IABCA Ch Ludico n'Pixc Take A Chance On Me (aka Sophie) and AKC Ch Peluito's Clowning Around at Court Jester (aka Fremont) from Peluito Havanese.  Ellie Mae has her mothers attitude. . . she can be stubborn but is very loving.

Ellie Mae loves to play with the other dogs.  She is very smart and is a quick learner.

How would I describe Queen? She has never met a stranger. She loves to play and she loves attention. I had one judge describe her as lively and charming. She also loves food! I have never had a dog so food motivated before. 

Queen has started her show career with limited showing in AKC. She has earned both the required majors and is now working on single points for her championship. 
Ludico Groovin', aka Rascal
Whelped June 20, 2021
Height - TBD
Weight - TBD
Rascal's health records coming at a later date

Pasco is my 4th generation from Mia. Her parent are GCH CH Ludico Who's That Girl and GCH CH El Niño (Marrero).   

Rascal is still very young but she if she grows into her name she will be a handful!